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Article written by Gerhard Grundhammer

The list of players inside the top 100, who never played against Jelena Dokic, is getting shorter. And 23 year old, french girl, Emilie Loit can be taken off that list, on thursday evening.

Most of the time, as i write something about players ranked somewhere around the 50`s, i have troubles finding the one or two decent results they had in the past 12 months, which got them into that position.

Emilie, ranked 54, seemed to be not much different.

Emilies career:
-0 titles
-17 Grand Slam appearences, best result: 4th round at the Australien Open

autumn 2002:
-did not qualify for: L.A., Montreal, New Heaven, Filderstadt
-1st round losses at: Quebec, Luxembourg
-2nd round losses at: US-Open (vs. Maleeva), Bahia (vs. Daniilidou)
-and a quarterfinal at Budapest where she lost to Rita Grande

-second round loss at Gold Coast to qualifier Sanchez-Lorenzo in straight

But then the french no 5 decided that she doesnt want to be a competetor for the "player-with-the-most-boring-results award" anymore. She played an excellent tournament at Canberra where she beat the asian new-comer Angelique Widjaja in round 2, and only lost to Mehann Shaughnessy at the Semifinal, and went to the Australian Open, where she nearly produced one of the biggest upsets of all times!

She played Serena Williams for more than 2 hours, won the first set 6-3, and amongst her 22 winners were 4 aces! Was her second serve still average with 78 miles per hour (average speed) she really showed an improved first serve as she hit the ball with amazing 92 miles an hour towards the no1 of the world. She played the match of her life, won a total of 106 points, and gained a lot of respect. Suddenly the left handed player from Cherbourg had a name in the tennis-circult.

And after she beat Razzano 6-3 and 6-2 at the first round of her favourite city, Paris, she will now face the next top 10 player.

Will she have learned from that loss against Serena or will she handle the new found fame she gained Down Under, is the question the french newspapers

But: "Does Jelena need to care about that?", seems to be the better question!

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