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Quotes Related to Jelena

What Jelena said:

01/21/99: after having chatted with Hingis:
Nice to see Jelena is still a normal girl.
question: Anything you can tell us about it, or was it just girls' talk?
"No, no. It was just girls' talk.

01/19/99: after having talked with Margaret Court:
"just talking to them a lot gives you a lot and you learn a lot from them."

01/19/99: being compared to Kournikova:
"I'm just out there playing my own game, playing tennis"
after her victory over Sanchez-Vicario in Hopman Cup:
from Foxsport:
"It hasn't sunk in yet, It feels it's just another win, but
  it's much more than that. It was a very important match for me.''
from CBS:
"I HAD NOTHING TO LOSE TODAY and I thought I played really well,"
"Against Amanda I had a lot of chances, but didn't convert my break points.
Today, I played much better, I thought a lot more on court."
some words of Jelena, from the US Open site:
about US Open:
"I knew I was going to have to play well because there are so many good players. Winning a Grand Slam was a goal."
about her ranking:
"I was No. 1 after the French and I wanted to get back to No. 1,"
"My goal is to finish the year at No. 1."
about the success of Australian tennis:
"You have Pat and Mark playing the final,"
"Now we need the women to get up there. I hope that Evie Dominikovic and I can do it."
Some from
Australian Tennis Magazine:
"To have already played Fed Cup for Australia is a dream come true."
no one is perfect:
"But I hate, absolutely hate, maths,"
some good signs:
"I love the media attention and playing in front of crowds,"
about Hingis, Williams and co...
"I think I can get where they are now, definitely, if I keep working hard,"
"There is no reason why I can't."

What others said about Jelena:

10/12/99: Martina Hingis:
"I think she's smart enough to get through it,"
"She seems to be very confident, very mature for her age, and she can play tennis, too,''
"Especially in the matches, she's very competitive and knows how to play tennis.''
Mark Phillippoussis, about Jelena, when he saw her first:
"She hits the ball great. "
Mark Philippoussis, still:
"She's going to be a top player, no doubt about that, It was unbelievable watching her play. There was no stopping her, some of the shots she was coming up with. It was just great.''
Still M.P. from Australia, he seems to have some knowledge about tennis:
"She's 15 and loves playing the game. She is definitely going to become a top player, we should just give her space."
Miller, NSW state coach, about Jelena:
"She would be there hitting on the wall, waiting for me, and not just hitting on the wall, but absolutely grinding on the wall, Nearly knocking the wall over, "

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